My take on why Democrats lost it …

What transpired these past few days was a shock to lot of people … correctly so, lot of people were upset and disappointed  and  from what I can sense dejected also and lost hope (albeit I am praying for a brief period of time.)

The last thing i.e. Sense of losing hope is probably the scariest, frightening and numbing feeling which can either paralyze us or makes us act  (basic human instinct of fight or flight reaction)

But there is a silver lining in all these things (what I am choosing to take away)

Obama is a great leader and will be the greatest president in my book, not because of Obama care , not because he is the first black president…

But he inspired people, all of them blacks, whites,asians,hispanics,women,men,LGBT. He showed that there is something called “hope” and if u give it a chance, it will empower you to lift your butt up and work towards your goals ..

The biggest evidence of this is the last nights protest across the country, for a brief moment after the elections about 50% of the folks lost that notion of “hope” ,it was scary and frightening, this also means we have come to expect the same inspiration qualities for all our leaders, and any thing less then that we are not as enthused as we need to be ( probably the biggest reason why a segment of population didnt show up to vote (now we know for Hillary))

we are living in a bubble surrounded by what we want to hear or what we want to listen, there is no bigger evidence that that in the situation that transpired.

Economic data was showing that everything is ok and rosy and people are finding jobs to provide for their families.

All the polls were showing that people still like to think that they value,age old morals (to a certain extent)

They all hated bigotry and pride themselves in being caring and understanding of human plight

But ….

Only and only if there are economically stable, can’t argue with that now can we ? If my biggest problem is to put food on the table, would I listen to a person on the tv who is a bigot and dis respects women and is racist  and seems like an idiot who doesn’t have any self control ?

Probably not … I would turn off the tv and focus on how I can provide for my family, what matters to me most.

But if that same guy while saying all of the above also says , I understand your pain, I hear your pleas, I know why you are feeling the pain and I can tell you why that happened.

You would take notice now,wouldn’t  you ?

That’s exactly what trump did, he didn’t find a solution, he didn’t offer to fix it either, all he said was I want to hear you and I understand …

And that is where the democrats failed, miserably, they weren’t there to listen to its core constituents and that is why they feel abandoned…

Now did any of them sense this undercurrent ? Anyone from the elite think tanks and pundits ? None, the closet i can think of is Michael Moore in his late July post(google it)

Wake up Democrats, if u want to save ur party, stop living in a bubble,ground your self,  meet the folks who you really want to connect to … 

It’s not the Republican Party that is in need of oxygen, its you …

Elections are not won by crunching numbers and understanding demographics and having a great ground game, its won by tapping into and giving what the electorate wants

And that is all trump did  “tapped into what electorate wants”

Now let’s see if he gives them what they want …. 

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